Valentine Crafts, Snacks & Fun!

Make Valentine Cards & Crafts at Theresa Public Library the week
of February 11 – 15. Enjoy decorating and eating Valentine Snacks.
Create Puzzle Piece Crafts! Use your imagination to make
Valentine Wreaths, Pictures Frames, Necklaces and more.

Our February fun hunt will be a Valentine Go-To Game!
This game is a fun way to help you learn the location of items in our library. 

Read the notes to find out where you “go-to” next. Find all 10 notes and the  envelope full of red hearts at the end. Return a red heart to the Librarian.
She will let you choose a valentine prize!

Make a Knex Snowflake for us to hang up and help decorate our library!
Have fun being creative, playing with Knex and Legos at our library
this month.

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