Summer Programs

Theresa Public Library’s 2018 Summer Reading Program runs June 11 – August 3, 2018.
Preschool through Age 12: get a bookmark and for every 15 minutes you read put a sticker on it. When you have 10 stickers on your bookmark, choose a prize from the Library Treasure Boxes. You will also earn a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of our weekly prize drawings.
Teens will earn a dollar for every book they read (up to $10) and receive a raffle ticket
for a chance to win the weekly Joel’s ice cream coupons and to enter the end of the summer
teen prize, a Kindle Fire.
June 11th thru the month of July participate in our Community Treasure Hunt Rock Project.
Decorate a rock to hide in the community so people can find it or you can make a pet rock.
Originally started in Washington, the basic premise is that hand-painted rocks are hidden around the community. The finder of the rock takes a photo, posts it to the local “[place name] Rocks” Facebook group, and then can either keep the rock, leave it where it is or re-hide it in a new location.
June 12th at 2:30pm:  Join us for the Marsh Haven Wild Birds of Prey Program. 
June 20th 2pm – 4pm: Enjoy a treat at our Friends of the Library Free Ice Cream Social
June 18th – 22nd: Crafts include a Nature Collection Box, Science Notebook, Geode Sock Bag, and yummy Earth Donut Balls. Supplies will be available during open hours for each craft.
June 18th – 29th: Explore Minerals and Rocks! Identify 10 rocks, minerals, and or fossils
in the lab we will have set up. You can earn a geode to crack open.
June 25th – 29th: Continue exploring fossils, rocks and minerals as we share stories of items people have found. We will explore salt dough fossils, amber fossils and make trilobite cookies. July 9th – 13th: Create a picture from Sand Art Peel & Stick Projects.
July 16th – 20th: Rock Games, Tic Tac Toe, and Pebble Games.
Bring items in for a Time Capsule we will bury in the Library yard!
July 21: Family Fun at Horicon Marsh from 9am-1pm, sponsored by Monarch Library System.
July 23rd – 27th: Music theme crafts start! Make a Rattle Drum, Castanets, and a Rain Stick. July 30th – August 3rd: Create a Mando Harp.
August 6th – 10th:  A variety of STEM Projects will be available. Take part in a super fun STEM activity using recyclables and other basic materials in the “Mystery Bag STEM Building Challenge” with free printable STEM Challenge Cards!
August 13th – 17th: Enjoy Coding Games. Meet Dash and Dot!